How Pack den Sack works

Have you ever wondered how you create a custom packing List? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you through the steps to create a custom packing list for your upcoming trip. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, these steps will help ensure you’re well-prepared and have everything you need for a comfortable journey.

Step 1 - Destination and Gender

  • Select your destination: For example, if you’re traveling to Paris, France, in the spring, you’ll want to pack lighter clothing and maybe some formal attire for dining out.
  • Specify your gender: If you’re a woman, you might want to include items like dresses and makeup, while a man might prioritize packing shirts and ties.

Generate Packing list select countries step

Step 2 - Weather and Temperature

  • Provide information about the expected weather and temperature at your destination: If you’re heading to New York City in the winter, you’ll need to pack warm clothing, including a heavy coat, gloves, and a scarf. In contrast, if you’re going to the Caribbean in the summer, you’ll focus on swimwear and light, breathable fabrics.

Generate Packing list select weather step

Step 3 - Travel

  • Specify your travel plans: If you’re flying internationally, you’ll need to consider baggage weight limits and restrictions on liquids. If you’re taking a road trip, you might want to pack snacks and entertainment for the journey.

Generate Packing list select Travel method step

Step 4 - Select Duration and Accommodation

  • Input the duration of your trip: For a weekend getaway, you’ll need fewer clothes than for a two-week vacation. Knowing the duration helps you determine how much to pack.
  • Details about your accommodation: If you’re staying in a hotel with laundry facilities, you can pack lighter and plan to do laundry. If you’re camping, you’ll need camping gear like a tent, sleeping bag, and cooking equipment.

Generate a Packing list select duration and accommodation step

Step 5 - Activities

  • List the activities and events you plan to participate in: If you’re going hiking and sightseeing, you’ll need comfortable shoes, a backpack, and possibly a water bottle. If you’re attending a formal event or a business conference, you’ll need appropriate attire and accessories. If you plan on swimming or snorkeling, you’ll need swimwear and snorkeling gear.

Customized Packing lists select activities step


Information about the Country

This information ensures that you have all the necessary information to prepare for your trip comprehensively, not just regarding what to pack but also the practical aspects of your travel, such as visas, currency, and power adapters.

  • Visa Requirements: Based on your selected destination and travel details, you will receive information regarding visa requirements. For example, if you’re a U.S. citizen traveling to Japan for tourism, you might find out that you can enter Japan for up to 90 days without a visa. However, if you plan to stay longer or engage in specific activities, different visa rules may apply.

  • Currency Information: You will be provided with details about the currency used in your destination. For instance, if you’re traveling to the United Kingdom, you’ll learn that the local currency is the British Pound (GBP). Knowing the local currency is essential for budgeting and making financial arrangements during your trip.

  • Electrical Socket Type: You’ll receive information about the type of electrical sockets used in your destination. For example, if you’re traveling to Europe, you’ll be informed that most European countries use Type C or Type F sockets, which have two round pins. This information is crucial for selecting the right power adapters or converters for your electronic devices.

Generate a Packing list show country information

The Packlist

This helps you to have a packing list that is not only based on general recommendations but is personalized to suit your unique travel circumstances and preferences. It helps you stay organized and ensure you pack everything you need for a successful and stress-free journey.

  • View Recommended Items: After receiving your trip information, you’ll have the option to view a list of recommended items for your specific trip. This list will be customized based on the details you provided in the previous steps, including destination, weather, travel plans, trip duration, accommodation, and planned activities.

  • Select Your Packing Items: You’ll be presented with a checklist of items such as clothing, toiletries, electronics, and travel essentials. Each item will have a checkbox or a selection option next to it. You can go through the list and select the items you wish to pack.

  • Personalize Your Packing List: This step allows you to tailor your packing list to your preferences and needs. You can deselect items you don’t plan to bring and add any additional items that are specific to your requirements.

Custom Packing list show items to pack

Generate Packing List PDF

  • Create a PDF Packing List: Once you’ve customized your packing list with the items you intend to bring, you will have the option to generate a PDF document. This PDF packing list will be a neatly formatted and printable version of your customized list, making it easy to reference and use while you prepare for your trip.

Pdf result of a generated packing list

Access Your Packing Lists

  • Automatic Saving: Your packing list information is automatically saved for your convenience. You can revisit it at any time, even after you’ve completed your trip preparations.

  • Easy Access: You have the option to return to your saved packing lists for reference or modification. This means you can quickly access and update your packing list for future trips without the need to recreate it from the beginning.

Saved generated packing lists